AMS Nationwide Limited | Traineeships
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The Apprenticeship hiring process for many businesses can be a lottery. Even the most structured and rigorous process can sometimes lead to a poor fit.


With a Traineeship, you get to see the person in your work environment for a focused period of time before making a commitment to hire. The benefits of this process are significant and can help make more of the right selection decisions more of the time.



By using the Traineeship programme, the costs to clients are considerably less than standard recruitment fees. During the Traineeship, other than management time and a subsistence cost to cover the Trainee’s travel, where it is incurred, then there are no costs. The Traineeship scheme is a government sponsored programme that is designed to help candidates get good quality work experience and progress on to high-quality Apprenticeships.




It is our job to find you candidates, we will train them for the first week in the basic principles of Customer Service and your industry, including behavioural skills such as how to conduct themselves in the workplace. Then for the next 4 – 6 weeks, they will be placed with you for their work experience on a structured programme with expert guidance and support provided by AMS. The final week will be spent back in the classroom, consolidating the learning and experience they have been working towards. At this stage, suitable candidates will be offered an interview with you to progress onto a high-quality apprenticeship position.